4 Study Tips!

Hello again everyone! Last week I did not write a blog post, which means that I have already broken the goal I have created for this spring quarter. But! I’m not going to let a small detour stop me from continuing my goal of writing a blog post every week.One of the main reasons why I did not post last week is because I was swamped with assignments. I realized I could have avoided this giant wave of assignments easily if I had done a better job studying the weeks before.  This inspired me to write a post about how you can avoid the last minute rush and panic of trying to complete your homework!

4 Study Tips

  1. Use a calendar/planner/agenda

Nowadays, there are multiple ways to do this. You can do it the old-fashion way by using a planner. I did a horrible job trying to be consistent with writing in it every day. I would do well in the beginning and then slowly forget to fill it out throughout the year. I’ve been like this since high school to now. This brings me to the second option: Google Calendar. It is an online calendar that can be accessed from your computer, laptop, tablet, and phone. I fell in love with using Google Calendar because it helps me keep track of when my assignments and essays are due. Plus, you can create color-coordinated categories to organize your school, work, family, and personal life!

*The mint chevron planner shown in the photo is by Bloom Planner! They have beautifully designed planners that come in many patterns and colors. Currently, they are having a sale on their planners! Check it out!

  1. Remove yourself away from distractions

We live in an age where communicating with the rest of the world is at our fingertips. When it comes to studying, it is better to remove this power. This means not going on social media, putting away the cell phone, and removing ourselves from world where everyone is taking pictures of their meals. This is not limited to just electronics. The best way to study is not being around distractions, which can include a busy and loud place where socializing is happening. In order to study well, you have to remove the power of communicating with people. Instead, you should be communicating with your notes for your test.

  1. Work in an atmosphere where you can succeed.

It is also important to work in an atmosphere that is best suited for you to succeed. For some, this could be in a complete quiet space. For others, some soft music will help get their creative juices flowing. It is important it figure out what kind of atmosphere works best for you. Before you study, take the time to organize the materials you will need. This includes complying the notes, papers, and assignments you want to review. Sort the materials into multiple piles so you do not feel overwhelm by looking at one giant pile of notes you have to memorize. Do not dump a pile of work on your desk. It will make you feel like studying is intimidating because you have a giant pile of work in front of you. When you feel like you have control of your workspace, it makes it feel like you have control of your studying!

  1. Take breaks in between

It’s a common misconception that one giant study session is better than small, multiple ones. This is not true. It is better to take breaks in between studying. This will give your brain a chance to relax and reenergize itself for another studying session. It has also been proven that the brain will absorb information better if you allow it to stop and take a break every once in a while.

Good luck and happy studying!

-Kim 🙂


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