How to be more social in college

More social in college

     My biggest struggle during my first year of college was learning how to be more social. It sounds weird because I thought I was good at socializing with others. Granted, I was familiar with the group of friends and atmosphere I had back in high school. When I was thrown into a new city scene with thousands of kids from all over the globe, it was overwhelming. I found myself confused and lost in my new environment. I didn’t know where I belonged, who my friends were, or how to be involved on campus. 

     People are right when they say that you learn a lot about yourself during your college years. One of the most important lessons I learned was how to be more social. From my experience, here are my tips to help you become more social in college!

1. Join a club

     One of the most common advice given to college freshman is to join a club. During my freshman year, I joined the Vietnamese Student Association club at my school. This was one of the best decisions of my life because it really helped me get involved at my school and meet new people. I was hesitant to reach out and befriend people because most of the club consisted of upperclassmen. As the year continued, I accepted their invites to grab dinner or bubble tea or watch a movie. I began to form friendships with the members and it helped me feel more connected and involved. By the end of the year, I felt comfortable enough to put myself out there and run for an officer position. I won the position of public relations. 🙂

2. Attend an event

     I can assure you that your school will put on at least two events per quarter or semester. Go to at least one! These events are put on in order to help students feel more connected and meet new people. Almost every quarter, my school hosts some sort of dance. During first quarter, my school hosted a Fall Ball at a museum near us. I didn’t go though. But it did help me form great friendships with some girls on my floor since I helped them with their hair. This was one of the first opportunities I had to meet and connect with the girls on my floor. After that night, I had new friends.  If there is an event you want to go to, I suggest asking people on your floor to go with you. Chances are, they were also looking for someone to go too!

3. Randomly ask a classmate or floormate to grab a meal or coffee with you

     I know. It sounds scary to approach a random stranger and ask them to eat with you. What if they are a slow eater? What if they chew loudly? What if they are secretly a murderer? I can assure you with the many times that I’ve asked stranger to eat with me, none of them turned out to be a murderer… that I know of. Everyone that I asked was happy to accept my invite. Here’s the thing about college: you are constantly making friends. Regardless of what year you are.

4. Take a deep breath and understand that everyone feels this way

     “Everyone feels this way. Even if they don’t show it,” was one of the hardest things I could accept. It took me a while to accept, but I still think I’m slightly in-denial of it. I’ve talked to people who had already gone through the college experience. The feeling of being lost is common and it happens to everyone. Nobody feels comfortable at college right off the bat. Almost everybody told me they didn’t begin to feel like they found their place until after their sophomore year. Now, I’m not saying that your first two years will suck. Looking back, even with those nights where I felt lonely, I did enjoy the memories I made with the people I was with.

I hope you enjoy the tips given. Please comment below of any advice you have from your experience. Also, let me know of any posts you would like to see in the future. Thanks for reading!

-Kim 🙂


5 thoughts on “How to be more social in college

  1. Being social is also one of the things I struggled with (and sometimes still struggle with) throughout college. I’m a shy and introverted person. My floor wasn’t the best but I found my best of friends through the clubs I got involved with! These are some great tips that I hope other freshmen will read at the start of their college career. 🙂

    Melissa |


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