Academic Goals for Fall Qt. 2015

Hello! I just completed my second day of my sophomore year in college! I decided this would be the perfect time to post my Academic goals for Fall Qt. 2015. I hope this will inspire you to create your own goals. It doesn’t have to be academic-related. I believe that creating goals help you stay motivated. Plus, you get a big feeling of self-accomplishment when you complete your goal. Enough of me talking. Here are my five goals for the fall quarter!

Academic goals for Fall Qt. 2015

          1. Find a study place and stick to it

Last year, I did most of my studying in my dorm room. It was not effective because I was distracted by everything in my room. I spent two quarter staying up until 2 AM to finish my assigments on time. This had a negative effect on my health because of my lack of sleep.Right now, the best place I’ve found are these cubicle rooms located in my university’s library.

          2. Reduce distractions while studying

As mentioned above, I get distracted easily while I study. In my dorm room, I was tempted by my bed to take a nap. The study lounge in my residence hall, which was coniently located across the hall from me, was not effective either. I had lots of friends who lived in the same building as me so they would come up to study. My study sessions in the study lounge would end up in chatting up a storm or a Snapchat party with friends. I really want to work on reducing the distractions around me. No talking to friends, taking naps, using my phone, or watching Youtube videos.

          3. Use a planner

Like many, I enter the new school year very motivated to use my planner. I plan out the exact color-coding method I’m going to use for my assignments, tests, social life, and extracurricular. I carry in my pencil pouch an extensive amount of colored highlighters and glitter pens (because I want to be that precise in my color coordination). By the time a few weeks of school rolled by, I forget my planner even exists. This quarter, it’s going to be my mission to use my planner for the next 10 weeks of school. Using a planner will help me jot down important things that I usually assume my brain can remember on it’s own. I don’t have photogenic memory so I can never retain the information as quick as I would like. If you would like me to do a post on the method I use for my planner, leave a comment below!

          4. Attend office hours for my professors

To be honest with you, I  only went to three sessions of office hours that nine of my professors had last year. And many of the time, it was towards the end of term so there was not much I could do to improve my grade or make a good impression on my professor. This time, I really want to be diligent about attending office hours if I am struggling in my classes. Even if it means making the trek up the hill and climbing five flights of stairs to get to their office (true story).  

          5. Remember that a grade is a just letter

This is an important one. If you get nothing out of my posts, please walk away with this one piece of advice. In high school, I was a student who was always praised for her good grades. My grades from first year suffered tremendously. It was difficult going from a student who was in the Top 10% of my graduating class to a student who on thin ice with her GPA. Yes, it’s very sad. I just want to remind all of my readers that a grade is just a letter and a GPA is just a number. Letters and numbers do not define you as a being. There are many outside circumstances that may have affected the grade or GPA you got. Please do not be discourage. A letter and a number does not speak for all the other amazing talents and skills you have in you.

I hope you enjoy reading the goals I have set for myself this term. I will keep you updated on how many I kept (and broke!) at the end of the term. Please comment down below of any goals you have set for yourself. It can be academic, work, or personal related. Thank you for reading.

-Kim 🙂


3 thoughts on “Academic Goals for Fall Qt. 2015

  1. I think you have some great goals set for yourself! Learning what your best studying methods are can be tricky… I remember that simply switching from my desk to my bed actually helped out during undergrad, but doing the exact opposite during my grad school years was actually more effective. I think college is all about being flexible because some days you’ll have better focus than others, and you have to learn to accommodate those different emotions and motivation levels!


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