Collegiate Guide to: Being Sick

Hello! Fall is perfect season for scarves, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and the cold and flu virus. Wait what? For the past week, I have been battling my symptoms of the cold.  A doctor will tell you to rest and take it easy. When you’re a college student though, there is no time to take a break for some R&R (rest and relaxation).

Here is my college guide for a quicker and smoother recovery from being sick.

Being Sick


I realize I just implied that college students who don’t have time to sleep (especially when midterm week is in full effect right now). Yet, I highly recommend trying to get as many hours of sleep you can during the duration of your sickness. It can be easy to slack on sleeping when you have 2 essays due the next morning, but I promise you your body will thank you if you get at least one night of an 8 hour slumber.

Drink lots of fluids

“Hydrate or Die-drate” credits to Mikkaela from The Southwestern Prepster for that clever way to remember to treat yo’ body. Help replenish your body by drinking lots of water! Your body is trying to get rid of the germs and water will help it flow right out (get it? lol). Try to avoid drinking anything caffeinated (such as sodas and coffee) because it will dehydrate you. I drank at least a bottle of orange juice everyday, in addition to water, while I was sick. Drink lots of fluid will help make your feel better and help your body fight the germs better.

Orange Juice was my BFF throughout my sickness.
Orange Juice was my BFF throughout my sickness!

Visit your school’s health center

Every school nowadays should have a health center for students to drop in when they are not feeling well. I realize it’s easy to ignore the health center and think you’ll power through this. But if you are feeling really ill, visit the health center so they can make sure it won’t lead to more serious problems down the line! Locate and remember where your school’s health center is so you’re prepared when the virus hits you. Luckily for me, my school’s health center is just an elevator ride down to the lobby of my residence hall.

Fresh air

Whenever I get sick, I curl up in bed for the next 2 weeks. This often leads me to feeling sluggish and in a slump. I highly recommend going out of your dorm or apartment for some fresh air. Even if it’s for 30 minutes. Fresh air allows your body to take in oxygen that hasn’t been infected by your germs. It will mentally make you feel better when you step outside because you are not letting your sickness stop you from taking on life.

How to prevent yourself from getting sick

Wash your hands

Imagine the amount of surfaces you touch from the moment you wake up to when you arrive in your first class. Chances are, it was more than you can count on both hands. Everything from your desk where you still have crumbs from last night’s snack to the elevator button that 60 other floormates have touched. Washing your hands often will help stop the spread of germs. I like to wash my hands whenever I return to my dorm from class. It helps me from spreading the germs I picked up from my classroom desk to the stair rail where hundreds of other kids have touched that period. If you don’t have access to washing your hands, hand sanitizer is your best friend!

Hand Sanitizer
I always hook my hand sanitizer on the front of my backpack. Easy access to fight off germs!

Limit touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

The eyes, nose, and mouth are one of the best places for germs to enter our body. Make sure you limit the amount of time you’re touching those areas. If you have to, remember tip number 1 and wash your hands before and after to prevent germs from spreading!

Flu shot

There are a lot of perks of living in the 21st century. Besides being able to scroll through pictures of dogs on Instagram, we have easier access to medicine than before. If you would like to lessen your chance of getting the flu, get your flu shot! Check with your local hospital, clinic, or some drugstores will even administer the flu shot.


8 thoughts on “Collegiate Guide to: Being Sick

    • Ha ha ha! Maybe you’re onto a new cookie recipe because they sound tasty. I’m actually impressed you mixed everything back together and started over! I wod#&ul8217;ve just stood over the pan with a spoon…


  1. […] Happy November! I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween yesterday. First off, I would like to apologize for not having a post up last week. I was busy recovering from a cold and it was also midterm week. It’s crazy how being sick can stop you from being productive and motivated. I’ve written a post about how to deal with being sick in college if you want to check it out here! […]


  2. Cheers! These are very practical tips. As a university student, sleep is last in my list of priorities until I feel like I’m going to fall asleep while driving or something so.
    I’m working on it though. Your style is so wonderful!


  3. Great pieces of advice. I was sick for two weeks this September and I powered through all of my classes. I wish I had this guide to help me feel better even quicker. I am so stubborn when I am sick and never take medicine and never go to the doctors even though I should. One thing I also love besides this guide is the ability to get the FLU MIST as an alternative to the Flu Shot. It’s perfect for those, like me, who are horrified by the thought of needles. Have an amazing day!

    – Juliet from


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