Snapshot: Kitty

Hello! I apologize for my lack of posts these past few weeks. I have been a busy bee throughout November. Last month was a blur of club-related events, job applications, midterms, and lots of comfort food.

Dead week is wrapping up this week and following that will be finals week. I hope that once my break starts, I will be able to write more on the blog. After seeing how easily I was able to stop writing for a month, I will be reevaluate my technique to make sure I release content on a more consistent schedule for 2016.

This week’s Snapshot is a picture of this handsome green eyed fella I met.

His owner is the president of the Her Campus chapter at my university. She invited us over to her house to work on a special philanthropy project. Our HC is excited for the project we are collaborating with our sister chapter on the East Coast!

I hope everyone’s dead and finals weeks are going as smoothly as they can. Feel free to check out my Instagram too.

-Kim 🙂


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