Blogmas Day #2- Holiday Wishlist: Lush

Hello again! I hope everyone’s week is going well. I kicked off my winter break by taking a shopping trip with my friends. My friends are Lush enthusiasts so we had to make a trip to Lush. I haven’t been in Lush in a couple of months. I was fascinated by the new Christmas collection they had and all of their new products.

As I was roaming around the store, I took a
mental note of all the things I wanted to add on my holiday wishlist. Here is my round up of Lush items! Bonus: almost all of these can be found year round. Yay!


Face Mask


Cupcake was the first face mask I tried from Lush. My best friend kept on raving about it and offered to have a face mask party with me. I love the chocolate scent and how soft and bright it left my face.


Cup O’ Coffee

Calling all caffeine addict! Cup O’ Coffee is the perfect mask for you because it contains actual coffee grounds! This would be the perfect pick me up for those long weeks filled with projects and essay.

Mask of Magnaminty

This was the only thing I bought yesterday from my Lush trip. I haven’t tried it yet though. The sweet girl who was helping me told me this was the perfect mask for someone who doesn’t know what they want in a mask. It will help cleanse your face while providing a cooling and tingling feeling from the mint used in the mask. Hopefully I will be doing a blog post on this soon!

Bath Bombs/Bars

Intergalatic Bath Bomb

Yesterday, one of the sales associate showed me what Intergalactic looks like when it’s fizzed out. The water was a beautiful blue that sparkled with tiny piece of glitter. I can’t wait to turn my bathtub into an out of this world galaxy!


Yoga Bath Bomb

I fell in love with the smell of Yoga. I love anything citrus scented. What made me want Yoga even more was when I was told that it’s orange on the outside and blue and purple on the inside. I thought that was such a cool and unique color combination to watch.


Karma Bubble Bar

Karma was my very first Lush product that I bought. I first purchased before they redesigned (so pretty!) and reformulated the bubble bar. I like the idea of a bubble bar because you can break it into pieces and use it more than once. More bang for your buck, in my opinion! I haven’t tried the new version of Karma, but I can’t wait to see if it will give me as many bubbles as the first one did.



Rose Jam Shower Jel

Rose Jam is one of my best friends’ favorite Lush product. I’ve never tried a Lush shower gel before. But I heard it is a crowd favorite. It only comes out during the winter holiday season, so stock up!

Karma Kream

I received a sample of Karma Kream during one of my Lush trips. I love the bath bomb version and it was surprising to hear they had an entire line of Karma scented items. It leaves your skin smelling citrus-y and feeling soft.

Pearl Massage Bar

Inspired by bubble tea (one of my favorite drinks), this massage bar will help you relax and unwind! Something all college students need. Haha. I had the chance to try out Pearl during the summer when I visited the Lush store. I will admit that my hands felt oily for the first 30 minutes the sales associate rubbed it on me. But after I left the store, my hands felt so soft!



What are your favorite Lush products? I would love to get suggestions to add to my wishlist!

-Kim 🙂


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