Blogmas #3- Mask of Magnaminty

The colder months have greeted the Pacific Northwest and it doesn’t look like it’s leaving anytime soon (did it ever leave is the real question?). My skin gets extremely dry in the fall and winter months. A couple of years ago I learned about exfoliating which helps my skin stay soft, in addition to regularly moisturizing. However, sometimes my face gets extremely dry and it’s hard to reverse the symtopms. This season, I’m prepping my skin before dryness has a chance to attack it.

Last week, I celebrated the end of finals week by treating myself to a Lush face mask. Mask of Magnaminty is the first Lush face mask I ever bought. I have tried the Cupcake face mask before and loved it. So I had high expectations for this one.  It was featured in my holiday wishlist: Lush edition.

About the mask:

00411This is a deep cleansing mask for your face or body (recommended for back). It does not need to be refrigerated because of it’s self-perseveringingredients. The star ingredients include china clay, fresh peppermint, vanilla and honey. Aduki beans are added in to help exfoliate your skin. A cooling and tingling sensation is felt when the mask is applied due to the peppermint added. It’s recommended to use on a weekly basis.

The Lush associate who was helping me said she recommends this mask for anyone who doesn’t know exactly what they want in a mask yet. It’s a great “first timer” mask, which makes it a popular mask for Lush.

The 4.4 oz retails for $13.95. The 11.1 oz retails for $25.95. The associate told me this mask has a 14 months shelf life, so you can use it accordingly to your schedule.




After applying a generous layer to my forehead and upper lip (by accident), I could feel the cooling and tingling sensation in those areas the strongest. I could also feel the sensation on my cheeks, which I enjoyed very much.   No chunks or flakes fell as the mask was drying, which is a plus. When I washed off the mask with warm water, I could feel the cooling sensation throughout the rest of my face.


The intended smell is suppose to be mint. I’m able to smell detect mint, but it not exactly like a “mint chocolate chip” scent. It’s more of a peppermint  mixed with tree and grass notes, giving it a more “organic and natural” smell. I was worried I would be bothered by the smell, especially when it was resting on my face. Amazingly enough, it was not strong enough to bother me.

Texture/ Consistency:

The paste itself is smooth and can be build to make a light or thick layer on the skin. It is easy to apply and spread on the skin. However, the Aduki beans can clump together which makes it harder to disperse evenly.


It left my skin feeling soft, but other Lush face masks also did the same. I forgot to check to see if my pores were noticeably clearer than before. Opps. I will check next time to see if I notice a difference.

Picture from Lush

Leave a comment down below and let me know what my next Lush face mask should be. Also, let me know how your week is going too!

-Kim 🙂



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