Blogmas #4: Last Minute DIY gifts

If you’re anything like me, there will be at least one person you forgot to get a gift for. As the clocks ticks, you rush to find or make a gift for them. Here are 2 easy DIY gifts that I made this year that will work perfectly last minute.



Thanks a “latte” 


I was looking for a “bulk” DIY gift to give for the officer board I am a part of. This pun-nny gift was the best way to do it. I ordered a 15 Starbucks frappucino case from After 15 minutes of printing labels and tying on ribbons, I had a cute DIY that my officers appreciated. Especially since I gave it to them the week before finals. It was a great pick me up gift that will help keep them awake during finals week!

Here’s the link for the free printable I used: Thanks Lauren Haddox for the design!

Hot Chocolate Mug set


Who doesn’t love hot chocolate during the cold months? My favorite part about this gift is how personal it can get. I got this gift for one of my best friends, Karyn. I chose a hot chocolate mix I thought she would enjoy and a monogram mug. You can never go wrong with something monogrammed for that special personal touch!


I hope you enjoyed reading my last minute DIY gifts. Comment below and let me know what you’re gifting your friends and family this Christmas!

-Kim 🙂


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