2016 Blogging Goals

Hello! 2016 is finally here! I can’t believe how quickly 2015 went by. In March of 2015, I started simplybeingkim as another creative outlet and way to document my college experience. I didn’t do a great job keeping up with my “blog every week for spring quarter.” Yet, I came back at the beginning of this fall and have done a *decent* job blogging. This is the probably the longest one of my blogs have lasted. Haha.

I do believe in improving myself and my blog though. This is why I have created 5 goals I hope to maintain and keep throughout the new year!

2015 Blogging Goal (picjumbo.jpg

Be more consistent

Last spring, I made a goal of blogging every single week during spring quarter. I believe I only lasted two weeks. Haha. This year, I hope to start blogging on a more consistent schedule. As of now, I plan on uploading a post every week. I hope it will eventually increase to two posts per week.

Define my blogging style:

A big thing for bloggers is our “blogging style.” Each bloggers has a theme or organization skill they use when they blog or use their social media platforms (ex: Instagram feed). I am still learning what I like and don’t like when it comes to my style. This may explain why my posts organization and layout are slightly different each time. And why my Instagram feed looks like a random mess. Please bear with me while I try to finalize what my blogging style is.

Utilize social media more effectively:

In December, I started using my Instagram more. This has helped increase my following tremendously. I want to continue using Instagram and expand my social media platforms even more. I have a Facebook page already, yet I have not posted a single thing (it’s been up for 3 months! Oops!). I hope that I will utilize my Instagram, Bloglovin‘, Facebook page, and Pinterest more.

Increase my following and my followers’ interactions:

As mentioned before, my Instagram has helped me increase my following tremendously this month. In 2016, I want to continue growing my blog and my followers through my writing and my social media interaction.

Improve my photo quality:

I will admit I take all of my photos late at night and edit them to make them look like I didn’t. This year, I hope to take better photos that will make my blog looking more professional. Maybe I also invest in a DSLR or a point and shoot camera (that’s not an app on my phone) to improve the quality.


Thank you for reading my 2016 blogging goals! Let me know if you have any goals for 2016. They can either be blog or personal goals!

I can’t wait to document my 2016 journey by… simply being Kim.

-Kim 🙂


7 thoughts on “2016 Blogging Goals

  1. We’ve got some shared goals when it comes to blogging! I also need to blog more consistently, so I’m going to be aiming for once a week this year. I also want to use Instagram and Twitter more often. I love them both, but always seem to forget to post. Good luck with your blogging goals Kim!

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  2. Increasing photo quality is one of my big goals for the year too. Taking all of my blog’s photos on an Iphone camera really doesn’t cut the cake. I’m hoping to get a nice DSLR for my birthday this year that I can take back to college with me for blog photos. You have a great list of goals for the new year!


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