Academic goals for Winter Qt. 15

What? Is this a blog post that isn’t posted on Thursday? Why yes it is! After publishing my “Why should you set goals?” post, it motivated me to write my academic goals for winter qt. 15.

As of now, I’ve completed 1/3 of my 2nd year of college. This means that I have 4 quarters of trial and error in my belt. I’m starting to get a feel of who I am as an academic student and what I want to improve on.

The first part of this post will be the goals I set for myself during winter quarter. If you would like to read about how well I did or didn’t keep up with my goals from fall qt, it will be attached at the end of this post!

Continuing Goals

Find a study space and take advantage of it

For the most part, I did a good job utilizing the study spaces on campus. Whether it was in the library cubicles, the study rooms in my residence hall, or the cafe area on campus, I kept studying in my room to a minimum. I will admit that I am not perfect and there were days when I would study in my room. Yet, I did a good job staying focus and not crawling into my bed for a “10 minute nap.”

Use a planner on a daily basis

I have never used my planner so diligently until the last three months. I wrote down all of my assignments, tests, and club commitments. My planner was decorated with sparkly glitter pens and colorful sticky notes. However, towards the end of the quarter I started slacking off because of how busy I became between school and clubs. My planner stayed in my backpack untouched, while my life became disorganized. This time, I hope to stay strong and use my planner throughout the next 10 weeks, no matter how hectic life gets.

Attend office hours throughout the quarter

To be honest, I did attend office hours for two out of three of my professors. However, I didn’t attend until the week of finals. The conversation I had with my professors was helpful and motivating. I feel bad that I didn’t put in the time or effort to schedule appointments with them earlier in the quarter. I could have built a better relationship with my professor. This time around I want to make sure I utilize my resources better and take advantage of office hours to ace my class and build connections with my professors.

New goals

Do not use your bed as a study space

Take care of yourself


Follow up on Fall Qt. 15 Goals!

Reduce distractions while studying

I reduced distractions more this quarter than I did in previous quarters. Yet, I still reached for my phone from time to time to check my Instagram and Snapchat. There’s always room for improvement in this field.

Remember that a grade is a just letter

This is more of a mentality goal that can’t be measured. There were times during this quarter that I felt my courses were dificult and my GPA would suffer. Yet, I was able to push through and end my quarter with grades that I was proud of. I was rereading my fall quarter goals and I was surprise that my past self wrote something that I feel like we call be reminded on: I just want to remind all of my readers that a grade is just a letter and a GPA is just a number. Letters and numbers do not define you as a being. There are many outside circumstances that may have affected the grade or GPA you got. Please do not be discourage. A letter and a number does not speak for all the other amazing talents and skills you have in you.


One thought on “Academic goals for Winter Qt. 15

  1. I’m definitely with you on the one about grades! It’s so hard for my perfectionist self not to worry about them not being perfect! You grow in so many ways during college though that putting your worth in numbers is almost just plain silly!


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