10 Reasons Why I’m an Imperfect Blogger (Inspired by Courtney’s Little Things)

If you look at simplybeingkim‘s archives, it’s short. I started this blog in the spring of 2015. It’s been over a year and my blog is nowhere near where I predicted it to be. I have heard of some bloggers who have outstanding pageviews and following by the time they reach their blog’s 2nd year anniversary. And major props to them. But for me, I don’t see that happening.

At the beginning of the summer, I told myself I was going to start up simplybeingkim after a long hiatus. Over the past few weeks, my motivation for the blog was like a roller coaster ride. Some days I was pumped and cranked out posts. Other days, I didn’t have the energy to focus on the blog. I felt bad that I haven’t produced as much content for the blog.

A couple of weeks ago, I read Courtney’s Little Things post about why she’s a bad blogger. After I finished reading it I felt comforted by the fact that I’m not the only one guilty of doing those things. Her post reminded me that there is no “perfect blogger.” Everyone went through their own trial and error to get their blog to the successful place it is today. And for my blog, well it hasn’t gone through enough trial and error, which is a’okay.

I’m an imperfect blogger. And I’m proud of it.


  1. I’ve ignored my blog for weeks  months at a time.
  2. My post are not uploaded on a consistent schedule.
  3. I created a Facebook page months ago and still haven’t promoted it at all. Opps.
  4. I can go a few days without tweeting anything on Twitter.
  5. I have gone weeks without posting a picture on Instagram.
  6. I post pictures on Instagram just to post. I should be uploading pictures that are more purposeful rather than “Hey! I still exist.” random photos.
  7. My Instagram account has no theme or consistency. There is no flow or pattern between my pictures.
  8. I don’t spend enough time commenting on other people’s blog. Even when I can really relate to the article they wrote.
  9. I don’t use any of the outside resources to track my following, pageviews, and other important blogger stats (which I hear is super important for a blogger to do… opps).
  10. I don’t promote my blog or posts enough because I’m ashamed that my content is not good enough.



Like I said above, I’m an imperfect blogger. I’ve ignored my blog for months. I don’t utilize social media platform enough. Nor do I track my stats. I wanted to blog as a way to share my experience about life. My life isn’t perfect and neither is my blog.

Special thank you to Courtney and her post for opening my eyes that there is no such thing as a perfect blogger. Make sure you check out her wonderful blog!

What are your reasons for being an “imperfect blogger?” Do you think there is a “perfect blogger” recipes out there and what would it be? Leave a comment to let me know what your thoughts are!



9 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I’m an Imperfect Blogger (Inspired by Courtney’s Little Things)

  1. Damage inc comes riding in to protect they’re rookie. I love it. lol (Jen &#;2h08Grouc2o  Marx LMAO) Nice one lol . I think The best part of all this in between Sun’s speech ‘Brina flying off the handle again, the impending imperial march theme playing in the background and and Groucho hiding after getting cuffed by The White Queen. wow nice . A strap match between the Chloe and Yvonne – I bet they beat each other silly! I would hate to be the ref for that match, but I would love to see it


  2. I feel the same way! I just started a new blog after multiple attempts at not being able to keep up with it. I also have such a busy life at college so I know it’ll be hard to stay on a consistent schedule once my semester starts up again. I think the #1 thing to remember is just to have fun with it and enjoy writing about things you want to write about, and the followers will come with time. Keep up the awesome posts! 🙂


  3. I love this and I’m so glad my post made you feel better about not being a perfect blogger! It’s a lot of work to put up a single blog post and get people to read it so I totally understand not posting consistently or having the following you’d

    – Courtney


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