Dorm Room Essentials

Hello! At this point, a majority of my readers have started school. I hope the school year is going well for each one of you! For some, you just finished moving all of your stuff. Now that you are settled in, it’s time to make your dorm your home for the year. To make a dorm a home, it’s important to have items that are multi-functional and purposeful while showcasing your personality.

For me, I decided to live off-campus this year. However, I’ve lived in a dorm room for the first two years of college. After learning the ins and outs of dorm living, I wanted to talk about my 5 dorm room essentials that I’ve found helpful!



Tumbler/ Water bottle

I’m sure you all have heard how there are great benefits for drinking 8 glasses of water everyday. Between studying, socializing, and trying to squeeze in a nap before class, it can be easy to forget to hydrate your body. One of my favorite ways to remind myself is by investing in a tumbler or water bottle. I like to have one that I can keep in my backpack when I’m on the go. And one in my room, sitting on my desk or near my bed. I love buying ones in cute colors or patterns because I’m more likely to reach for it and drink from it.


In my opinion, an ottoman is one of the best multi-functional items you can have. My sister gave me an ottoman when I moved in my freshman year. It’s still one of my favorite and useful pieces today! Ottoman can double as seating for your friends and storage for all your extra shoes, bedding, or snacks. My dorm bed was raised to be the same height as my rib cage! Luckily, my ottoman served as a step stool for me to get on and off my bed. The best part is when I didn’t need to use my ottoman, I could tuck it away underneath my bed or desk.

Throw blanket

Living in Washington, it can get pretty cold in the winter. During my freshman year, I invested in a super fluffy and soft throw blanket. I love having it around because it was great when I had people sleep over or for movie nights or for late night soccer games out in the freezing cold. Crane and Canopy has a great selection of throw blankets that can fit any college style.

Art work

I’m a huge fan of artworks that have inspirational quotes. My favorite way to decorate my dorm room was to buy canvas with my favorite sayings or pictures. There are so many artworks out there can showcase your passions and hobbies. Keep your eyes open! If you don’t want to buy canvas, you can always print out the pictures instead too.

String lights

String lights have been a staple in my dorm room since I was a freshman. Dorm lighting can be harsh or even non-existence. String lights help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. My favorite way to use them was when my roommate need to sleep, but I need to study. I was able to have enough light on my side for homework without disturbing my roommate. My favorite places to look for string lights is Target.

I hope you enjoy reading about my dorm room essentials. Leave a comment letting me know what your dorm essential is!

-Kim 🙂


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