Goodbye FOMO. Hello GOMO!

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I can’t believe that September is halfway over! Seattle is slowly transitioning into sweater weather. Fall is one of my favorite seasons because it’s all about new beginnings. School starts back up, leaves starts to change colors, and fall events start to appear.

Back in July, I posted about my plans in my summer bucket list. Besides working, I had a lot of free time to explore Seattle. I got to visit the beaches, park, and restaurants nearby! Now that school is back in session, it’s more difficult to find time to do fun stuff in between studying, working, and clubs. It can be easy to put yourself in the “Netflix on a Friday night” slump instead of going out and making memories. Don’t get me wrong though. I love snuggling up with my comfy blanket and binge watching Netflix. But sometimes, you just need to switch your routine.

Eventbrite started a new campaign called “GOMO is the new FOMO.” In the last couple of years, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) has gained a lot of attention. You can read more about it on Eventbrite’s page here. Instead of letting FOMO continue, Eventbrite challenges people to join the GOMO revolution. GOMO stands for “Going Out More Often.” This means saying “See you later!” to your bed and Netflix and instead going out and making memories.

I love living in Seattle because of how lively and busy the environment is. There is always something going on, such an new indie band or a pop-up shop. Seattle never has a dull and boring season! There are two main events that I am looking forward to this fall:

NAMI Seattle’s 4th annual Depressed Cake Shop

Source: NAMI Seattle’s 4th annual Depressed Cake Shop Facebook Event Page

This is a pop-up bakery that helps raises awareness for mental health issues. The sweet treats they serve are grey on the outside with a sweet and colorful interior. The grey represents how mental illnesses can make us feel down or gloomy. However, the sweet and colorful inside represents how our vibrant potential to overcome the issues. I think the theme is an effective way to raise mental health issues in our community. If you are in the Seattle area, come check out the pop-up bakery happening on Oct. 8th!

Fall Ball Dance


My OOTN from last year’s Fall Ball!


Each year, my schools hosts an off-campus dance for its students. I went for my sophomore year and had a blast. Check out the post here! This dance is college students’ way of reliving our high school and prom memories. Everyone gets dressed up and we dance the night away at a beautiful and fun venue. Should I do another post on this year’s location and the outfit I’ll be wearing? Let me know in the comments!

Besides the two events I’m looking forward to, I also other things on my bucket list that I’m excited to cross off this fall:

– Buy fall flowers at Pike Place Market

– Try one of Starbucks’ Fall drinks

– Bake a dessert using Fall fruits

– Try 2 new restrurants

– Have a Fall (mini) photoshoot

I’m extremely excited for this fall to me a season all about GOING OUT MORE OFTEN. Say goodbye FOMO because this blogger is GOMO. If you’re looking for things to add onto your fall bucket list, check out Eventbrite to help you find and plan events in your area!! Is there anything you would like to do this fall? Leave a comment below

-Kim 🙂



6 thoughts on “Goodbye FOMO. Hello GOMO!

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