Hiking has taught me…


Happy Tuesday everyone! Can you believe that October is already halfway over? It feels like time is moving too quickly. Let’s jump back in time and talk about an adventure I went on in September. At the beginning of September, my Seattle friends and I wanted to go on one last adventure before classes began. We settled on hiking Snow Lake in Washington.

I wanted to share my experience and the lessons I learned from my hiking trip to Snow Lake!



Challenge yourself


Before Snow Lake, I had very limited experience when it came to hiking. Most of the hikes I’ve been on are short hikes in local parks. Snow Lake was a completely new level for me. It was about 7 mile roundtrip and was not a “walk in the park.” I’m not an outdoorsy or athletic person at all. This hike required a lot of giving myself mental pep talks because of how long and tiring it was. At some points, I wanted to turn back because I was felt like I didn’t have the physical energy to continue. However, I told myself that if others can do it, then I can too. This hike pushed me to challenge myself whether it was climbing over boulders or walking carefully on narrow paths. If you set your mind to anything, then you can do it!

Take risks


To get the photo above, we had to climb in between giant boulders to get onto a lookout boulder. Some of my friends who were experienced hikers easily climbed up the boulders and didn’t hesitate. On the other hand, I was more cautious and took my time to make sure I didn’t loose my footing. At one point, I was about to decline the offer to climb up to the lookout spot.  When you’re out on a new adventure, you will face moments where you have to take risks in order to get the full experience. Looking back, I’m really glad I took the risks and climbed around the boulder area to see this gorgeous view myself.

Build strong bonds

One of my roommates and I!

I went on this hike with a group of friends that I had met throughout my time at college. Some I knew from the very beginning and some I had just met that morning! This hike allowed us to have a stronger bond at the end of it all because of the obstacles we endured. Washington weather is unpredictable. Throughout our 5 hours out in Snow Lake, the weather fluctuated between being windy, sunny, and rainy. Because of the rain, it made hiking along the path more dangerous. We had a lot of tripping while we were hiking down. Because of the rocky and unstable path, we always lend a hand for the person behind us. Hiking really helps form strong bonds between people.

I hope you enjoy reading the lessons I learned from my hiking experience! Even there was a 6 am wake up call, I don’t regret going on this hike at all. It was the perfect opportunity for me to end my summer by challenging myself, taking risks, and build stronger bonds with my friends.

Have you gone hiking before? What is your favorite part of hiking? Leave a comment down below! I would love to hear your hiking experience.

-Kim 🙂


6 thoughts on “Hiking has taught me…

    • I love when bloggers say I’m working on a post, it takes a while, and then they push out 4-6 pahrgrapas. Not my main man Patrick though. This manifesto was a great great read. Great work.


    • I don’t understand very well, jessie lassie. Please forgive my curiosity. You do seem fortunate enough to perhaps milk the cows, knead dough, fetch water?That’s very fortunate indeed!There are fine young men thereabouts, I’m sure.


  1. I looooove hiking! (In fact, I have a whole series dedicated to it on my blog called Girl vs. Mountain if you want to check that out.) I agree with you that hiking builds absolutely great bonds. Some of my best friends I met on trails, and those friends I already had that I went hiking with, our friendships only became closer and stronger. ❤ Also, hiking just really pushes you to find out exactly what you're capable of. You're challenged so much and pushed out of your comfort zone, it's really amazing.

    Thank you for this post, and I hope you go hiking more!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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