Daily College Routine


Happy November everyone!

I apologize for not having a post up last week. My week was stressful with all the projects and essays I had due. My schedule last week was completely different from how I normally do things. I got inspired by that schedule twist and the recent flood of daily routine posts I have seen from other bloggers. I love reading daily routines! It gives me an insight on how people schedule and manage their day to complete what they want.

My schedule is constantly changing with different plans and events going on. But when you strip it down, this what my schedule normally consistent of:


I’ve learned that I am most productive when I start my every single day at the same time. When I wake up at different times, it throws off my body schedule. Does anyone have this problem, or is it only me? Haha. Normally, my wake up time ranges from 8-8:45 am. During that period, I am either checking social media, brushing my teeth, making breakfast, and getting dressed. I’m fortunate to live within a 10 minute walk distance from my school and work. Out the door I go to make it on campus by 9 am.

My mornings are split between work, internships, and my class. I mostly work and attend one class on M, W, F mornings. On T, TH, I spend my entire morning at work or my internship until noon.

Once noon hits, I’m out of class or off work/internship. If I don’t have any lunch waiting for me at home, I like to stop by Starbucks, Panera, Chipotle to grab something to eat. On the days I have extra time for lunch, I’ll try a new cafe or restaurant with my coworker or classmate. What’s your favorite lunch spot?


Since I only have one class on M, W, F, I spend the rest of my afternoon at work or internship. I’m lucky that the departments I work for closes around mid-afternoon. This gives me enough time to run errands after work.

T and TH afternoons are the longest for me. I have back to back classes that are both 2 hours long. I’m usually in class starting around 1:30 until 6pm! Since it’s such a long period, I like to make sure my water bottle is full and my backpack is stocked with snacks. Because of daylights saving, sometimes when I leave my last class, it’s already dark and feels like 9 pm!


Evenings are reserved for my extracurricular, social life, and homework. For some reason, I get a jolt of energy towards the evening so it’s the best time to do homework for me. Every other week, I have 2 club meetings to attend. Because we are all college students, we usually schedule our meetings in the evening to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

Since I have a heavily packed schedule in the morning and afternoon, I like to use my evenings to also socialize. My favorite ways is to try out a new restaurants with friends or hang out at other people’s places just to chat and eat snacks.


Just like my mornings, I like to be consistent with my night schedule. Well, at least try too. Depending on how much work I get done during the day, I might have to use my nights to finish homework or projects. However, I like to be in bed 10:30 pm– or 11 pm at the latest. This gives me time to relax and unwind before I go to sleep.

If I stay up late to finish essays or projects, my designated cut off time is 2 am. I’ve learned that forcing myself to pull all-nighters is not going to help me the next day. I’m better off calling it a night and getting some sleep so I can wake up in the morning to finish whatever I was working on.


My schedule for the weekends is never consistent. It’s a mash up between visiting home, hanging out with friends, spending all day in the library, or lounging in bed all day.

The one thing I like to do on the weekends is all my blog work. My apartment is very peaceful and quiet in the mornings on Saturdays and Sundays. I’m the most productive with my blog work during those times. This gives me times to reply to emails, catch up on social media conversations, read and write posts. I like to save the editing portion, both photos and posts, on weekdays.

What’s your daily schedule like? Are you the type that has to have it structures or do you enjoy going with the flow? Leave a comment down below telling me what your schedule is like! Also, let me know if you want to read some posts about time management and organization!

-Kim 🙂


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