Fall Ball at the EMP

Fall Ball 2016 (2).jpg

Last year, I did an outfit of the night post when I attended Fall Ball. It’s one of my favorite post because of the memories I made that night. Every year, my college hosts an off-campus dance. We are a small (ish) university compared to other schools in our state. So Fall Ball is one of the big events that students look forward to every year.

This year, it was hosted at the Experienced Music Project (EMP) in Seattle. The EMP is a fun interactive museum that features music, pop culture, and sci-fi all under one roof! Some of it’s popular and limited time exhibits include StarTrek and Hello Kitty! It’s conveniently located right door to the Space Needle, so it’s become a favorite tourists attraction as well for locals too!

This Fall Ball is going to be a bit different than the one from last year. Instead of just doing an outfit of the night post, I’ll be giving you a look into some of the cool exhibits at the EMP! Don’t fret though! My OOTN portion will be at the end of the post.

World of Wearable Art

Right now, it’s featured exhibit is called World of Wearable of Art. This was one of my favorite because designers create outfits out of everyday items. This includes plastic, hardwood floor planks, and old leather bags. It’s amazing to see how creative designers can get with their material to transform it into wearable art.

Sound Lab

Even though the EMP has exhibits that come and go, there are some that stay permanently. A crowd favorite is the Sound Lab on the upper floor. This exhibit features all the technology and gadgets you need to create you own music. There are booths to record vocals, lay down tracks, and even mix!


On the way out, you will probably run into a giant wall with an image from Macklemore’s music video. If you didn’t know, Macklemore is actually from Seattle! He even filmed “Thrift Store” in the (now closed) Value Village in Capitol Hill. It’s always great to see a famous person repping your city in his work. This wall is the perfect photo op to use Macklemore lyrics in your Instagram captions. There are even jackets and coats to wear to jazz up your photoshoot!

Indie Game Revolution

This exhibit features unique video games for guest to play. There different gaming stations for people to visit and try out the games. Some of them were extremely fun to play and watch. Others, were still a work in development and we found difficult to navigate.


My favorite part, besides testing out the games, was the design aspect of this exhibit. The columns were designed to look like giant pixels and lighting scheme gave off a very electric vibe.


Wild Blue Angel: Hendrix Abroad

My group moved quickly through this exhibit because it was towards the end of our tiring night. Sadly, I didn’t get more than this photo of me standing in front of this “timeline” wall. However, it was cool looking at the different tour pictures and memorabilia.


Outfit of the night

Dress: After 2 days of shopping for hours with my roommate, we both went home empty handed. Luckily, my friend Claudia had this goregous blue cutout dress to rescue me with! Thanks girl!

Necklace: Payless (yes, a shoe store also sales jewelery! Who knew?)

Shoes: Amazon. Fun fact: I wore those heels for ballroom dancing 2 years ago! Such a nostalgic feeling to put them back on.

Makeup: ELF eyeshadow quad, Kat Von D liquid eyeliner, Covergirl mascara, Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick “Double Dare”

I hope you enjoy this mini tour of my night at the EMP. If you are in the Seattle area, I highly recommend checking out this interactive museum. I had a great time exploring the different exhibits and dancing the night away with good music and good company.

Is there anything you would like to see on the blog? Leave a comment down below! And don’t forget to read last year’s Fall Ball post if you haven’t yet!

-Kim 🙂


5 thoughts on “Fall Ball at the EMP

  1. Muy buena historia,….si bien es de niños, sabe despertar pensamientos y recuerdos de la infancia. Y como en nuestro interior, siempre existe el niño que fuimos,…creo que debemos aprovechar la historia como co#2Msponde,&r8r30;ee gustó. Afectuosos saludos.ELCRUZADO


    • o Gaffney foi trocado e Eddie Royal ficou como WR#2. E Lloyd “tá até se vi#8;do&ra221n?? Ele foi o WR com mais jardas e TD da última temporada. Ele tá muito bem!Qto as corridas de Tebow, elas só serão uma opção na redzone já que ele deve ficar no banco. Como o Bruno falou, McGahee deve dar um boost no jogo corrido assim como o próprio Fox que é um técnico que gosta de correr com a bola.


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