5 Tips for Studying Productively at the Library


Happy Wednesday! I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know that my posting schedule has changed. I will now be posting on Wednesday at 9 AM PST! Keep your eyes open for new content on Wednesday from now on!

College is all about new and fun experiences: parties, concerts, midnight food runs, and studying. Okay, maybe the last point isn’t the best part about college. But studying is a big part of being a college student! I like to make studying fun by going to different buildings on campus. Each place has a different atmosphere. Some works and some don’t work for me. My favorite place to study is the library. I love the library because it’s a quiet space for me to focus on getting my essay done. Today, I’ll be discussing my 5 tips for studying productively at the library!

Make a game plan

What are you going to do at the library? Is it to get a head start on a project? Or to finish the lab write up? You are more productive when you know what you want to accomplish. There are so many different ways to create a game plan.

My favorite way to make a game plan is by making a checklist. I like to look at my syllabus and planner to determine what assignments I need to complete. If the task I need to complete is complicated, I will make another checklist underneath the tasks. I get a feeling of accomplishment when I get to check off a task.


Another option is to priortize what you need to get done. This is extremely helpful during finals week when you have a long list of things due. Write down every single thing you have to do during your library session. Next, rate the tasks based on how urgent and important it is. For example, if you have a to study for Chemistry test that’s happening tomorrow… that’s probably a #1 on the list. Catching up on your favorite Youtubers? Maybe a #4 or 5 on the list.

By making a creating a game plan, it helps you see the main tasks you have and motivates you to checking off everything on that list.

Find your happy place

No, I don’t mean closing your eyes and dreaming of lying on the beach. Take some time to explore the library and figure out what kind of spaces would work best for you. The library is designed with having different study space features to accomplish everybody. Explore your library to see what kind of spaces they have hidden around the area. Don’t limit yourself to the typical study room or tables placed in high foot traffic areas.

At my university, they have single occupant study rooms. These are my favorite because it allows me a sense of privacy, space to spread out all my supplies, and takes me away from being distracted by other friends in the library. We also have comfy chairs placed in the corners of the library near windows. These are great when you want to have your own personal space without being stuck in a study room. Or when you want to take selfies because the lighting is ah-mazing!

Gather all supplies

Laptop & books.jpg

In high school, my AP classes assigned summer homework to do. One day, I decided to go the library and be productive. I packed up a snack, my homework, and laptop. When I got the library, I set up my space on one of the desks and realized… I didn’t bring any writing utensils to take notes. Complete fail! I ended up asking the librarian if I could borrow a pen.

Gathering all your supplies is a no-brainer, but we can be forgetful from time to time. Before you leave to camp out at the library, make sure you bring every supply you may need. If you’re working on a project, bring all the glue sticks and colored pencils you will need. Got a test to study for? Don’t forget to bring all the notes and handouts you have. And never forget to keep a spare pen/ pencil in your backpack in case you forget your pencil pouch.

Turn off distractions

We live in an era where technology has become so convivenent for us. Laptops are now lightweight and portable enough to slip into a backpack. Our phones now have apps that allow us to message friends and send them derpy faces. Even though it’s all great, technology has become a huge distraction for us.

Don’t believe me? Think of how many times you picked up your phone to text or looked on Facebook in the middle of studying. A lot, right? The best way to get a productive study session in is to remove all distractions. This means putting your phone on silent and in your backpack. I promise you your friend’s Snapchat of her dog will still be there after you write your paper. Another distraction is surfacing on the web. We all know how easy it can be to get sucked into the black hole of watching Youtube videos. Nowadays, there are websites and apps that block you from using the Internet for a certain period of time. Try it out! Download it and see how much more productive you are when your laptop won’t let you access Twitter until you finish your essay.

Reward yourself

As humans, we are motivated by things that we like and want. Just because you spend your Saturday in the library doesn’t mean it has to be a dreadful task. Throw in an incentive to make it worthwhile. I like to reward myself when I finish a task on my game plan. My favorite is being able to buy a Starbucks treat (love their lemon pound cake slices!) when I finish big tasks like  finishing a long reading assignment. For small tasks like studying 2 chapters or finishing a lab write up, reward yourself with 10-15 minutes of going on your phone.

The important thing about rewarding yourself is remembering that it’s suppose to be a treat for making progress. Don’t abuse it by rewarding yourself for things that aren’t productive or help you complete your game plan.

I hope your find these tips helpful for your next study session at the library. Leave a comment down below letting me know where your favorite study spot is! Is it the library? A local cafe? Or your dorm room?

-Kim 🙂




13 thoughts on “5 Tips for Studying Productively at the Library

  1. Coton-tige, crevette à l'ail, Djokobite et j'en passe des meilleures, j'ai donc décidé de nommer le duo de couanetmtemrs Dupuis (le roi incontesté du lapsus) et Marc Rosset, Laurel & Hardy.


  2. Credo che tradire il proprio compagno/a sia visto come cosa normale da molti, come da molti invece viane vista come cosa sbagliata, beh ognuno è libero di vederla come vuole, ma una sorta di discrezione sarebbe richiesta mamoggriente a personaggi politici (e non mi riferisco a Kennedy), specialmente se si tratta di tadimenti cosi arditi e plateali…e se non solo di tradimenti si tratta, mi fermo qui…!


  3. […] In the biggest compartment, I keep all of my heavy and most used items. My university runs on the quarter schedule, which means students take around 3 classes (15 credits) for 10 weeks. I know some students on the semester schedule find that really weird! Because of the 3 class schedule, Mead‘s 3 subject notebooks are perfect for me! It has 3 different sections that are separated by folder dividers. Most of my professors have their handouts on online, so it wasn’t necessary for me to carry a binder/ accordion folder to hold loose papers. Plus, having all of my notes in one place lets me carry less notebooks to the library to study! […]


  4. I loved the cornered off desks with the huge dividers at my college when I would hide away to study. It made it easier to focus and felt more private! I’ve definitely been guilly of forgetting my pen too XD


  5. Love this post! My favourite place to study is definitely my school’s library! They have this little secluded corner of desks that nobody ever uses, so it’s the perfect study spot!


    • Hi Alysha! Glad you enjoyed this post. My favorite spots in the library are also the ones that have the less foot traffic, like the secluded desks area. I’m able to focus with being distracted by friends coming into the library to study too.


  6. As a library worker, I’ll throw in a good word for your school’s special collections libraries! They’ve got interesting collections, but more importantly, they’re empty most of the time, meaning you get plenty of space to yourself.


  7. I totally appreciate this post. We are in week three of the semester here in Concordia University, Montreal and it is that point where you are teetering on being able to do well this semester or not. Midterms are approaching (I have like two months of midterms!) and my History course readings are pilling up, plus I have an exam on Friday. The library and I are becoming acquainted again this semester.
    Also is Starbucks a Seattle franchise? I never knew that.
    Happy productive studying.
    Thanks for writing!
    Rushell 🙂


    • Thanks for stopping by Rushell! Starbucks actually started in Seattle, WA. So there’s always one on every street corner (no joke!). I understand the feeling of midterms piling up. I’m also getting to the point in the quarter where exams are flooding in.

      Good luck on you studies!
      -Kim 🙂

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