What’s in my backpack


Happy February! How has your month been? It’s a busy month full of projects, speeches, traveling, and birthdays for me. However, I’m not mad that my schedule keeps me busy everyday.

I was looking at my calendar and realized that it’s been almost three years since I’ve started blogging. Yet I have never done this classic college blogger post: what’s in my backpack. I figured since I’m halfway through my junior year (what?) it’s time to talk about what I keep in my backpack!

A little bit about me: I am a full-time college student with a job and an internship. From 8-9 am to 5 pm, I spend pretty much all my time on campus. This means that I keep a lot of my life in my backpack for those ~8 hours.

When I started college, I knew I wanted to get a backpack that could survive my long days at school. The backpack I currently have is the North Face Jester. It was present from my older sister when I entered college. I’ve always wanted a North Face backpack, so I was excited!


The version I have is no longer available.

In the biggest compartment, I keep all of my heavy and most used items. My university runs on the quarter schedule, which means students take around 3 classes (15 credits) for 10 weeks. I know some students on the semester schedule find that really weird! Because of the 3 class schedule, Mead‘s 3 subject notebooks are perfect for me! It has 3 different sections that are separated by folder dividers. Most of my professors have their handouts on online, so it wasn’t necessary for me to carry a binder/ accordion folder to hold loose papers. Plus, having all of my notes in one place lets me carry less notebooks to the library to study!


Also in the big compartment, I have my planner. It’s a Day Designer X Target collaboration. I started using these planners last year and it’s the best planner for me. It’s small enough to fit in a bag, but still gives me enough space to write down my hectic schedule. My favorite part? It has a to-do list section for each day. This makes it easy for me to jot down what I need to do or any goals I want to accomplish. And it’s all in one convenient place!


Next to my planner is a pencil pouch that I found in Target’s travel section. As you can see below, I keep everything that’s needed to be successful in my classes. Fun fact: I only like to write in blue pen. I like to keep pens, multiple highlights, wite-out, and a stapler. I cannot tell you how many times having a mini stapler has saved my life. There are some professors who are unforgiving if you turn in your essay unstapled. Luckily with my mini stapler I never have to beg my professors to take my loose essay.


What I like about my North Face backpack is there are two different compartments. In the second one, I keep my emergency bag. This bag contains travel-sized items that I may need in a pinch. It includes tissues, hand sanitizer, Advil, portable phone charger with cord, mints, hand lotion, chapstick, and more! By putting all of my essential items in one small bag, it makes it easy to transfer it back and forth between my backpack and purse.


Lastly, my backpack always houses my water bottle. I’ve learned that keeping a water bottle with me at all times reminds me to stay hydrate! Throwing it back to my post about dealing with getting sick in college: hydrate so you don’t die-drate! Haha.

And that’s what’s in my backpack! I have a couple of items that get rotated around seasonally such as an umbrella (Seattle weather can be unpredictable), hand gloves, or scarves. For the most part, these are the items that always stay in my backpack.

Leave a comment below letting me know what’s in your backpack!

-Kim 🙂


3 thoughts on “What’s in my backpack

    • Jewls,Love this beautiful tribute to your beautiful mom! I can attest that every word is true. She is an incredible woman, mom & friend. One of my favorite northern Viiarnigns. And you are clearly taking after her!And boy, did this bring back some memories as well.Bless you both!


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