How to Stay Motivated Halfway Through the School Term

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Happy Wednesday! For the last few weeks, I have been unmotivated with my school work. I feel the most motivated at the start of a new term. There’s something about new pens, and notebooks that pumps me up. However, halfway through the term I lose my motivation easily. I no longer feel excited to get my homework done before the due date or keep up with my reading assignment.

The feeling of being unmotivated can have a huge effect on your grade in class. Which is a big alarm for many college students. Today, I’ll be sharing my tips for how I stay motivated halfway through the term!

Write down your goals

I have an entire blog post about goal setting. In summary, writing down your goals lets you reflect on what you want to accomplish and keeps you accountable. Take a moment to sit down and think what you want to accomplish in the weeks you have left before the end of the term. Is it score at least an B+ on all of your exams? Start you final essay 2 weeks before the due date? Write it down! You are one step closer to achieving your dreams when you write them down.

After that, place your written goals somewhere you will see it everyday. This can be by your desk or in your planner. It will help keep you accountable to checking off the list. By writing down your goals, it reminds you what you want to do this quarter. You are more likely to accomplish those goals if you see it written down and in front of your everyday!

Take a scenery break

After a couple of weeks of just seeing the library, and only the library, my eyes needs a break! One of my favorite ways to give my eyes a break from the library’s fluorescent lighting is to take a scenery break. This doesn’t mean you need to take a vacation to somewhere fancy. Instead, stay local and think of the places around you. You can take a scenery break by switching up where you study or read. For example, spend a couple of hours at a local coffee shop working on your lab report. You can grab a warm cup of chai while being soothed by coffeehouse jams. If coffee houses aren’t your thing, try studying at the public library or a different building on campus.

Want to take a longer scenery break? I suggest going on a day trip to the town/city next door to you. Or visiting a new part of town you haven’t been too. These little scenery break will get you away from your usual spot in the library and give your mind a break. After the break, your mind will feel clear and refresh enough to be motivated to study again

De-clutter & Reorganize

Sometimes when I get into the habit of things, I loose motivation quickly. One of my favorite ways to get out of this slump is to de-clutter and reorganize my desk space! Around the halfway point, my desk area houses everything: my backpack, textbooks, random pens and pencils, and snacks. It can be hard to stay focus and motivated when I’m surrounded by clutter. I like to take a couple of hours to de-clutter my desk space. This means getting rid of crumpled up papers that I don’t need and throwing away all the snack wrappers that’s accumulated under my desk.


I also like to reorganize my desk space. Sometimes it’s a good thing to switch things up. My desks has a couple of trinkets and photos on it. To reorganize, I switch out the trinkets with the ones from my room. And I replace the photos with the other ones that I have. Sometimes I will even change the containers my paper clips and push pins are in with other containers lying around my apartment. These little changes help keep things fresh and motivates me to push through to the end of the term.

What’s your favorite way of staying motivated throughout the term? Leave a comment below!

-Kim 🙂


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