Seattle Eats: Frankie and Jo’s


Happy #WCW! No, it does not stand for Women Crush Wednesday. Today it means Waffle Cone Wednesday! This is the first edition of a new series on SBK called Seattle Eats. Seattle Eats will be featuring some of my favorite restaurants and eateries in the area. If you have any that you would like me to try out, leave a comment below!

Seattle is known for being a city that stays trendy and finds new ways to stand out from the crowd. The food scene in Seattle doesn’t stay linear either. There are always unique restaurants and cafes popping up with the “newest and hippest” item to offer this fast paced city.


What makes Frankie and Jo’s special?

Frankie and Jo’s is an ice cream shop that’s located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. It’s probably not your typical childhood ice cream place though! The ice cream is based from plant based products. Wait, pause. How can you take plants and turn it into delicious tasting treats?

“We use ingredients that come from plants, shrubs, trees and flowers. We do not use any ingredient derived from an animal which means we are 100 % vegan.”

In addition to being plant based and vegan, Frankie and Jo’s ice cream is also gluten free! The shop prides themselves in the transparency of what goes in their product. If you have any allergies or restrictions, they conveniently list all the ingredients  and will help you decide what will fit best for you. Whether you have dietary restriction or just want to try out something other than traditionally made ice cream, this new shop has you cover.

Location and store

The shop itself is pretty small, which is typical in a compacted neighborhood like Capitol Hill.  However, the owners have utilize the space to still provide seating and a cute plant design wall. The seating faces the streets of Capitol Hill so you can enjoy your ice cream while people and dog watching. The store features a bright pink counter which contrasts against the industrial concrete walls. It’s a mixture of a modern and clean design with bright pops of pink and green. As a love of succulents myself, I really like how they have succulents and plants placed around their store.

I first heard about this shop because many people were posting picture of the wall (as seen below) on Instagram. As a blogger, I couldn’t help but take a typical picture with my ice cream cone. #doitfortheInstagram



I haven’t answered the burning question that everyone has after learning that it’s plant -based: does it taste good? The answer is YES! This was my first time trying a plant-based ice cream so I was hesitant on the flavor. My biggest worry was that it wouldn’t taste like the traditional ice cream because of the ingredients used. Rest assured ice cream lovers, it still taste like ice cream. The only difference that I could tell is that Frankie and Jo’s ice cream taste less creamier and less heavier compared to its ice cream competitors. I believe this has to do something with some of their flavors containing a nut based instead of a dairy base. I actually prefer this less dairy heavy version.

I ordered the Chocolate Mint Brownie in a waffle cone and left no trace of crumbs behind. It’s that good! The mint taste is not overpowering like I was expecting. It reminded me a lot of the classic mint chocolate chip ice cream, but the mint tasted more fresh and you could tell it wasn’t artificially flavored. My favorite part was the brownie chunks that were in my ice cream. The brownie chunks held up well in the ice cream itself. Yet, once it hits your mouth it melts into chocolate goodness.

Frankie and Jo’s allows you to try samples of their flavors before choosing. Before I went to the shop, I had scoured Instagram to see what others had ordered. The shop is not only famous for their plant wall, but their Salted Caramel Ash flavor puts them on the Instagram photogenic map. The flavor’s appearance is what turns heads: it’s a dark charcoal color. According to the website, the color comes from an edible ingredient called Moon Goo. Moon Goo is “dry-burned activated charcoal caramel sauce.” I got to sample it and it was pretty good. If you have a sweet tooth, this flavor is for you!

Overall, I really enjoyed my first time at Frankie and Jo’s. The server was super friendly and helpful while I stood there trying to decide on a flavor. It’s a clean and bright shop that attracts people to come inside and try the ice cream. I went on a day when the weather was in low 40’s F and the shop still had business! Regardless of the weather, Seattlites can’t get enough of this yummy plant-based ice cream. If you’re in the Capitol Hill area, I highly recommend stopping by. And don’t be ashamed to take a picture in front of the famous palm wall; everyone does it when they stop by.

“Out of all the ice cream cones out there, I still only have eyes for you.”

Not in the area or visiting Seattle soon? That’s okay! Frankie and Jo’s also delivers so you won’t missed out regardless of where you live. Check out their online store here to order.

Have you tried a plant-based ice cream before? Leave a comment down below letting me know what you think of this new trend in ice cream. Would you try it? And let me know if there’s any other places in Seattle you want me to try out and review.

-Kim 🙂


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