Self-Care During Finals Week

“What if we recharge ourselves as often as we did with our phones.”

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Can you all believe it’s March already? It feels like the year is flying by for me. Life update? I just submitted my last final for winter term of my Junior year! Woohoo!

Speaking of finals, it can be stressful and difficult during that week. You’re overwhelmed by 3-6 finals projects, essays, and presentations due within a week time frame. It can be easy to make your finals you priorities and push other important thing aside. However, you should never put your health on hold. It doesn’t matter if it’s physical, mental, or emotional health. As someone who gets extremely anxious and stressed during finals week, I forget to take care of myself sometimes. And I know many of my friends and peers can relate. After going through finals myself, I thought it was important to share 5 ways to self care. 

Eat a proper and healthy meal

It can be easy to grab something prepackaged and gobble it down in 10 minutes flat so you can get back to studying. I’ll admit I have done it many times before in college. I even know some people who will forget to eat during finals week because they’re so caught up with studying. Studying is important, but so is taking care of your health.

Take the time to eat a proper and healthy meal. This means not running to your school’s cafeteria and ordering a burger with fries because it’s the shortest line.Take a break and cook yourself an actual meal. The time you use to cook the meal will give your brain a break from all the studying and fill your stomach with good food. If you don’t have the option to cook or don’t want to, try ordering a meal that is healthy. Most dinning hall offer a salad bar or other healthy option. While you’re strolling to the pasta line, stop by and make yourself a salad with all your favorite fixings.

Take a scenery break

In my “Staying Motivated Throughout the Term” post, I mentioned how important it was take a secreny break. By this I mean giving your eyes and mind a break from seeing the library or dorm room you’ve been studying at. You can read more about it in that post. But to sum it up, a scenery break will help refresh your mind after all that study. Usually after having a change in scenery, I feel more motivated and energize to get back to acing my finals!

Call friends and family

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of forgetting to socialize with other human beings during finals week. I know I’m guilty of forgetting to call my friends and family during this stressful time. Studying is important but don’t deprive yourself of human interaction. It’s actually be more helpful and healthy if you take a break and call your family. You will feel more refresh and happier after talking to people you care about and care about you.

Reward yourself during your studies

Sometimes there’s exams that are dreadful to study for. How I motivate myself is giving an incentive if I finish study x amount for the test. My favorite reward is being able to take a break and get some ice cream at my new favorite place, Frankie and Jo’s. You can read more about the plant based shop in my latest post! By giving yourself small incentives like a treat or being able scroll on Instagram for 15 minutes, it will push you to get through your difficult studies.

Pamper yourself after your studies

We often consider pampering ourselves until after finals are over. But it’s something you should do be doing during the most stressful week too! Put some time aside after your studies to take care of your body and skin. Just got back to your dorm after a long night studying at the library? Before you go to bed, put on a face mask and have 15 minutes of peace. Another quick to pamper yourself is giving your nails a fresh coat of paint! There are quick ways to treat yourself without cutting out a huge chunk of your study time.

Bonus! My current favorite face mask is from Tony Moly! You can get a pack of 11 from Amazon for a great price.

Thanks for reading my favorite ways to self care during finals. Leave a comment down below of how you self care during stressful times. Don’t forget to share it with a friend who’s also going through finals week too! Also, you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see my spring break adventures!

-Kim 🙂


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