Apartment 101: Essentials for a College Apartment (Packing List!)

Happy Wednesday!

Last week I published my Minimalist College Packing List for any dorm room. I know it was helpful to many who were moving into their 1st or even 3rd dorm room. Dorming is a common living situation for students. Yet, it’s not the only option. There is a population of students who live in on-campus or off-campus apartments. I didn’t want to leave them out of the packing list posts.

Last summer, I moved into my first apartment. It was an exciting milestone for me! However, the reality of an apartment kicked in when I realize the only items I could take was my clothes, desk supplies, and backpack. Everything else had been generously loaned to me by my school ( desk, bed, closet).

It’s a big momentous step to move into an apartment in college. Nevertheless, it can be overwhelming when you don’t know what to buy. Similar to a dorm, you don’t want to over pack for a (assuming on a college budget) small apartment. After a year of living in my apartment, I have narrowed down the essentials for a college apartment. All the items mentioned below are what I found useful and highly recommend for a college student to have. Everyone’s lifestyle is different, so use this list as a guide to furnishing your apartment.

Furnishing a College Apt..jpg

What are your college apartment essentials? Did I miss anything? Or do you think some items aren’t necessary to survive. Let me know in the comments below about your experience living in an apartment!

-Kim 🙂


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