About Me


Hi! I’m Kim; a 20 year old college student pursuing a degree in Communication studies in Seattle, WA. Welcome to my blog!

I started simplybeingkim because I waned a creative outlet to express myself. I enjoyed reading college blogs during my freshman year of college. The blogging community gave me great tips and advice on how to get the best experience out of my college years. After months of debating, I decided to start my own. Simplybeingkim is a place where I can reflect on my experience with college and life to my readers. I hope to share content that is useful for my readers on how to confidently conquer their college years. Besides college-related post, I like to throw in a dollop of lifestyle posts and a sprinkle of fashion and beauty.

When I’m not being a blogger, you will most likely find me watching YouTube videos of puppies or drinking bubble tea or DIY’ing. I love going on adventures with my friends and making memories with them. In my spare time, I watch a lot of TV shows. This can vary from popular TV series to Food Network to HGTV to ABC Family. I also love to bake. I have a huge sweet tooth!

I hope your join me in my adventure of trying to figure out life by simply being Kim. 

-Kim 🙂


Photography: Angelina Safonova of Safonova Photography


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