2016 Bloggers’ Posts Roundup

2016 Blogger Roundup.jpg

Can you believe it’s the last week of 2016? Wow, it’s crazy to think that next week we will all be writing 2017 on our papers. If I do say so myself, I believe 2016 was a great year for the blogging community. The blogging community itself grew, engaged, empowered, and supported one another.

I thought a great way to acknowledge the progress made by my fellow bloggers is to feature some blog posts that I have been bookmarking since January 2016. I’m excited to see what 2017 will bring to the community of bloggers. But for now, let’s take a look at some of my favorite posts from bloggers in 2016.

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Blogmas 2016 Update

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you are spending this season surrounded by family, friends, and a cup of hot chocolate.

I wanted to jump on the blog and write an explanation post regarding Blogmas. I will be honest with you; Blogmas has not gone smoothly as planned. Towards the end of November, I made an editorial calendar of all the Blogmas posts I wanted to do. I was excited to participate in this series.Read More »

Blogmas [Day 3]: Mystery Blogger Award

Secret Santa Parties (1).jpg

Quick life update: I’m officially done with my 1st quarter of Junior year! *throws confetti*

As my last final was being turned in, I saw on Twitter that Isabelle from Truly Indulgent received the Mystery Blogger Award! Congratulations to her! She wanted to spread the joy and nominated me for my 2nd blog award too. Thank you Isabelle! It makes me extremely happy to know the blogging community is always supporting each other. #bloggingfam

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Blogmas [Day 2]: Ultimate Guide to Hosting Secret Santa Parties

Secret Santa Parties.jpg

Welcome back to Blogmas Day 2! It’s currently finals week for me, so I’ve been busy hitting the books and typing away from my laptop. Every December, I look forward to two things: Holiday Peppermint Hersey Kisses (the red and white stripped ones!) and my friend’s annual Secret Santa party. Karyn, one of my besties from back home, does a wonderful job each year coordinating and hosting a gift exchange party. It’s a great way to get friends together and open presents.Β 

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Blogmas [Day 1]: December Bucket List

December Bucket List.jpg

Happy December y’all! I apologize for not having anything posted on Tuesday. It’s currently dead week at my school with finals following the week after. I have been busy writing essays, working on projects, and trying to get a decent amount of sleep! #collegelife

I am excited to announce that I will be partcipating in BLOGMAS this year! Blogmas is a series where bloggers write holiday themed post. In the month of December, I will be posting TWICE (yes, 2 times) a week. Every Tuesday in December, my post will be focused on tips and tricks to make your holiday season a success! This includes everything from gift guides to home decor to creative gift wrapping. I like to get extra special with how I give gifts during this time, so I can’t wait to share my ideas. On Thursdays, I will be posting more personal posts about the holiday season. This means I will be doing holiday tags/ questionaires, festive looks, and my wishlist.

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